Cracking the Magikarp Code - Pokemon

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Cracking the Magikarp Code -

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Ethan and Devin have finally gotten the puppy of their dreams. Even better, taking their new pup to the dog park near the lake means the chance to explore a new Pokémon GO habitat! But the energetic puppy chews on everything in sight, including a map she pulled down from a PokéStop. When they pull the ruined map from the puppy’s jaws, Ethan and Devin are shocked to discover a mysterious code on its back. Is someone using the map to send secret messages about the best places to fish? Or better yet, to hunt Watertype Pokémon? Looks like a case for Team Mystic! 

Fans of Pokémon GO will love putting the clues together―and cracking the code―in this compelling fourth book in the Unofficial Adventures for Pokémon GO Players series!